Welkom on our website

Needed: Workers in Light.

Do you have 5 minutes per day and do you want to effort to this world. Please join us.

We  lightworkers want to tribute to our world.

We want to join our light to the world.

This is not a new religion.

You can stay at your own religion and join us to. We embrase the free wil of men and women. You freely volunteer in this work. It is for free.

This is not a chain letter.

This is a no n-profit group of men and women joining in light. Light we want to share with everybody in the world.

This is an opportuntity to join and share as a lightworker.


How can we be a light worker?
How can we tribute?

It is very simple. Join 5 minutes per day the group of light workers. Do it at your own time/moment. There are no restrictions. Everybody is invited.

Imagine light in the harts of all men and women all over the world. You may choose your own method. For instance you can imagine light in the harts of alll men/women individually. This lights will come together and become one great light.


The more people joining us the more powerful the energy of light will be. By this You contribute to this world. The energy of the individual will be multiplied by the energy of us all.

You are not powerless. You are important and we do need You.











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